How to Beat the Casino?

It is given that beating the casino is really a complex thing to do, not unless you are carrying all the luck in the world and get the chance to win in every game you play in Las Vegas casinos. There are many casino goers who find it interesting to learn everything they could when it comes to beating the casino and just whenever they would place their bet on any game. If you are one of those people who are asking about how to beat the casino, then it is best that you learn the basics and start familiarizing every bit about it.howtobeatthecasino

Tips on How to Beat the Casino

There are particular ways on how to beat the casino, it is just necessary that you are aware on how you can keep these ways on your own and let others know nothing about your methods of beating the odds when playing. Take note that casinos nowadays are aware of cheaters and strategic players who win games consistently. With this fact in mind, it is necessary that you will learn how to keep everything you know about beating for yourself only.

So, to start learning the tips check out the following:

Perfect play

One of the things that make it easy for people to beat casino is having a perfect play. Most of the time, perfect play beats all odds and just make it possible to get the jackpot continuously. One of the perfect plays done by people are those that uses mathematical skills in calculating odds and at the same time changing the game’s rules. These people use their statistical advantage in playing card games to ensure their win.

Card counting

This is another popular way of how you can beat the casino. There is a popular team before that consists of blackjack players who are always winning through card counting. Though it has disbanded in the year 2000, the team managed to make a tremendous amount of money from the trick. It also uses the best mathematical skills on how you should count the odds, when to split and do other bets to win the game. This is a popular trick that is usually done in blackjack and has been a scheme that many casinos look out for every casino player.

Aside from tricks, you can always beat the casino from letting you lose a large amount of money by checking out other strategic gaming skills. It takes different strategies in making sure that you will not lose more than what you have brought when you step in a casino. Some of these are as follows:

Never get hooked with playing one game

Playing hours in a particular game will lead to the most unwanted thing that you can ever experience in a casino game, lose big time. It is necessary that you are aware of the time that you should spend in a particular game. This will tell you on when to move on from one game to another and when to stop and save your money from being thrown away with consistent loses. It is still best that you will be realistic with the results that may come up with playing casino.

When you are planning to play in a casino, bring a certain amount of money.

To avoid losing big time, it is necessary that you will avoid bringing your credit cards and checkbooks whenever you are playing. This will always tempt you to bet continuously and later on get negative results when you are starting to lose more than what you are winning. Whenever the casino dealers are seeing that you are willing to spend a large amount of money, they will do their tricks with not letting you go away from the table until you win. A strategy that you should know is start fixing the amount of bet you want for a particular game and not overspend.

Set your limit in losing and winning, as well

It is necessary that you are aware of how to set up the amount you could afford for losing and amount you should get when winning. You should set a ratio between the two and when you reach that ratio, it is the time that you quit playing and turning into a new game in the casino. This will help you in avoiding losing too much money and just focus on other games you can try as you stay in the casino.

Beating the casino is not all about using tricks and other strategies in winning. Most of the time it is how you can prevent casino games from beating you by letting you lose as much money as possible. Make sure that when you are playing you are always in the right mindset of enjoying every game, win if possible and avoid being beaten by the casino.

Top 5 Software Providers for Slots

top5Online gambling has surely picked up pace in the last five years. Many gamblers prefer the online gambling scenario compared to visiting an actual casino. It saves on a lot of cost, as well as gives you the opportunity to play from the comfort of your home or office.

This kind of convenience is rare and rewarding. Many online gambling websites have been established in the last few years, giving gamblers a wide range of choice for their favourite games. That’s not all; you can also choose your games based on your budget, time preference, country, etc.

With so much choice, how can anyone decide the best gambling website? It becomes challenging for a user to pick his favourite website for gambling and stay loyal to it. The software used for gambling is one of the crucial points that make all the difference.

If you ask frequent gamblers what they like to play most on these online websites, many will quickly reply slots. Slots is played widely on the internet by new and experienced players. Those who do not know the intricate details of other complicated games, playing slots is a breath of fresh air. It also promises huge jackpots and great winning amounts, with almost no skill required as a prerequisite.

Slots are well-designed, have some great audio and overall make a great playing experience for each and every player. The main differentiating factor in slot games is the software provider. It makes a lot of difference in the overall experience and therefore,

Here’s a list of five slot software providers who are market leaders and trendsetters for online gaming.

#1-Net Entertainment

This software is rated as the number 1 software by many in terms of slot games. The service is excellent in slot games and gives many options to players. You can choose from 22 languages, making it a global platform for gaming. They also have a world-class sound system, exceptional designs and Java based set-up. It ensures you have a smooth and enriched gaming experience while playing your favourite slots.


Betsoft has a fascinating package of slots known as Slot 3. The games offer great animation and 3D playing experience, which makes you feel like you are playing on an actual slot machine. Their tagline, Nothing comes close defines the software offering extremely well!


Playtech is one of the best software for online gaming and is widely used across the UK. It is also listed in the London Main Market of stock exchange. Their slots are one of the most desirable features and widely played across many countries. Established in 1999, this company has been showing great technological advances and innovation in all their updates. Playtech is also compatible with various devices, making your gaming experience an unbeatable one!


This is one of the finest companies that provide software for slots. The software boasts of over 600 slot games and enhances user experience at every stage. This company has also won many awards and accolades for its exceptional performance in slots. It is appreciated by critics and loved by players!

#5-Cryptologic Slots

This is one of the first companies that started online gaming and developed slot games like no one else. Their innovation and clear focus on customer satisfaction has led them to become a recommended name in the online gaming industry. Players have also won lots of money playing with this software and therefore, it has been a big hit among users all over.

Slot games are surely something that make gaming a lot of fun and add joy to your winning. It is something that can be played by one and all, and your luck can surely make you win loads of money!

How to Tell If You’re Addicted to Gambling?

Today, there are more and more people who indulge themselves in betting or gambling. Gambling is considered by many as a game which has greater probability to lead into addictive behavior. Gambling generally involves money where in people can both gain and lose money. There are many forms of gambling such as cards, sports betting, horse racing and many more. Gambling is one of the best ways for pastime. However, there will be a great chance for people who are into gambling be addicted which will cost them not only their money but also their sanity.addicted to gambling

Many people worldwide who are fanatics of gambling and betting experience a lot of changes that have negative effect on their lives. Many of these people experience addiction. Addiction is a grave matter that needs serious attention. This is a situation where in it can damage people’s lifestyle and attitude. This addictive behavior that gamblers have will always poses greater negative effect than good. For people that are incapable of controlling themselves it is important to avoid these kind of addictive action. However, there are ways in which you will be able to asses yourself if you are already showing addictive behavior in gambling.

Tips and Methods in Assessing Addiction to Gambling

Know more about your self – knowing oneself is the basis of knowing the changes in your life. To knowing yourself is important especially when it comes to assessing and diagnosing the status of your addiction and changes. There are a lot of changes that are happening within you. Knowing these changes will allow you to be more equipped in understanding the effects of the change that occurs in you. Addiction is one of the most powerful changes that occur in people. This addictive change will destroy not only your body but also all your behavior and attitude. Knowing yourself will help you in sensing if changes had occurred. With this, people can be able to come up with a resolve.

Identifying changes in behavior and attitude – in assessing if you are addicted to gambling it is important to know identify the changes especially those changes that are dominant and poses danger. It is ideal to know yourself in order for you to easily identify the different changes that are happening. Identifying the change is always the first step in treating a behavioral disorder. A change varies from person to person. Most of the changes occurring on an addicted gambler are associated with mental and physical craving. The worst change when it comes to addiction is the persons incapability of control in which will affect greatly the person’s financial status. Changes like this often result to breakdowns which are known to be a severe type of addiction. Identifying the changes that occur in you is the best way for you to be acquainted with your situation.

Assessing the severity of behavioral and attitude changes – after identifying the changes that occurs. The next step will be assessing the severity of the problem or change. In assessing the change people can be more enlightened on which action they are going to take. People who are in a minimal stage of addiction can choose to be treated by a professional or on their own. Those people who are less affected by addictive change can help themselves in changing addictive behavior and attitude. While, people who are manifesting sever addiction can only be treated by medical professionals.

Identify the severity of damage done – gambling addiction has the capability to damage both people’s financial status and the person itself. After assessing the severity of the changes the next step is to know about the damage done. With this people can know how sever the situation is. When identifying the severity of damage done by being addicted to gambling, it is important to account everything and decide on the most effective way to counter the negative effect. With this, people who are manifesting addictive behavior can resolve and be treaded accordingly.
Gambling sure is a great way to increase you money which provides excitement. However, having too much of something will only lead to problems. Gambling can be fun but it is always ideal to control oneself. In life there are so many things all over the world which are alluring and addictive. So it is very important to be in control of oneself. With this, you can enjoy the excitement that addictive things can offer. For a better gambling experience it is important to know more about yourself especially when it comes to differentiating needs from wants. There are so many things that the whole world can offer people but all of it possesses addiction in which people should be cautious in dealing with it. Having control in your life will help you in experience new things the proper way.